Description :-
Manual Rotary Microtome PSAW-RM-60M is an ideal instrument for most of routine histology, biological and industrial need. High precision and stability ensures exact reproducible section quality, in wax and plastic embedded sections. High Precision Specimen Feed system. Patented gravitational force compensation system of hand wheel enables very smooth and easy turn of hand wheel to obtain a uniform stroke for excellent, perfectly stretched sections. The Microtome is equipped with a spacious waste tray that collects all the debris that falls down during sectioning and is easily removable for cleaning purposes.

At A Glance:
Section Thickness Display
Section Thickness Adjustment Knob
Fully Rotated Handwheel
Adjustable Knife Angle
Knife holder base with lateral displacement use entire length of knife Disposable Blade Holder
Vibration free blade holder to accommodate both low and high profile blades
Vertical cross roller bearings mechanism Section Waste Tray
Standard Specimen Clamp and Universal Cassette Clamp
Cross Roller Guideways
Integrated Finger-guard & safety slot cover
Horizontal cylinder operation home position

Technical Specifications :-
Section Thickness Range : 1-60 µm
Section Thickness Setting : 0.5 µm from 0-2 µm, 1 µm from 2-10 µm, 2 µm from 10-20 µm, 5 µm from 20-60 µm
Trimming thickness setting : 10-50 µm
Specimen feed : 28mm ±1mm
Vertical Specimen Stroke : 60mm ±1mm
Specimen Retraction : 220 µm in return stroke
Optional trimming : Two steps (10 and 30 µm)
Specimen Orientation : 5° in x,y,z with anti tilt feature
Nominal Supply Voltages : 110/220 V AC +10%
Nominal Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Rotatable : 360°


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