Laboratory Trinocular Microscope with HDMI Camera with Display (PSAW-936)

Laboratory Trinocular Microscope with HDMI Camera with Display (PSAW-936)

Features :-
– Critical movements based on ball bearing and wire guides, there by ensuring smooth and precise manipulation
– Unique optical design of the compensating eyepiece provides relief from eye fatigue and renders color-compensated wide-field images of utmost clarity
– Objectives uniformly centered interchangeable C parfocal, anti-Fungus treated : Semi-Plan Archromat
– Focusable with rack C pinion and a continuously variable iris diaphragm with a removable blue filter for daylight observation.
– Rack & Pinion mounted condenser holder.
– Provided with one bulb C one spare fuse.

Specification :-
Optical System : Semi- Plan (SP) Optics
Body : Aluminium die cast body
Inclined observation Head : Trinocular 45 degree inclined, rotatable through 360 degrees
Eyepieces for observation : HWF 10x (FN 18 mm) paired eyepiece.
Nosepiece : Quadruple revolving nosepiece based on ball bearing mechanism with positive stop click
Objectives : SP4X N.A 0.10, SP10X N.A 0.25, SP40X N.A 0.area of (Spring) SP100X N.A 1.25 (Oil,Spring)
Mechanical Stage : Co-axial low drive mechanical stage (125 mm x 145 mm) (±5mm)
Traverse area : 50 mm x 76 mm (±5mm)
Condenser : Abbe condenser with aperture iris diaphagm (N.A.1.25)
Focusing : Co-axial coarse C Fine controls with a focus adjustment and the fine adjustment knobs.
Coarse focus range : 20mm
Illumination base with option : Built in illumination base with pre- centered 6V 20W halogen light source
Power supply : Transformer based
Power : 100V -240V AC 50/60 Hz single phase.
Lamp : Replaceable lamp from front Led
Light source Long life : 30000 hrs LED


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