Microscopes – Pathological and Research


Microscopes – Pathological and Research

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Microscopes – Pathological and Research

Student Medical Microscope

Stand – Stable and Robust, assembled from Aluminium DIE-CAST parts.
Nosepiece – Quadruple nosepiece with accurate centering and positive click stops
Stage – Detachable horizontal graduated mechanical stage size 120 X 120mm with adjustment for slide manipulation upto 45 x 75mm.
Illumination – Plano-Concave 50mm adjustable mirror on gimble mount. Interchangeable with sub-stage illuminator (Optional).
Objectives – Achromatic 10X, 40XSL and 100 XSL Oil immersion.
Eyepieces – Huygenian 10X-15X or WF 10X.
Packing – The Microscopes are packed in full mould Styrofoam Boxes with Vinyl Cover, Duster, Cleaning Brush, Filter, Immersion Oil and Operating Manual.


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    Microscopes and they may be grouped in different ways. One way is to describe the way the instruments interact with a sample to create images, either by sending a beam of light or electrons to a sample in its optical path, or by scanning across, and a short distance from, the surface of a sample using a probe. The most common microscope (and the first to be invented) is the optical microscope, which uses light to pass through a sample to produce an image. Other major types of microscopes are the fluorescence microscope

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