Features :-
* Stackable two units, front loading.
* Clamps made of single piece stainless steel material (without welding)
and leaves tied with L three springs.
* Absolutely smooth movement ensuring silent operation
* PLC based PID control system with large LCD display and control via
Touch screen.
* Movement of the shaker should be Magnetic (or) Triple Eccentric Counter
balanced drive, driven by Brushless Motor for low maintenance
* Multiple step (at least 15) programming that automatically changes parameters (speed,
Temperature etc.) at timed intervals.
* Audio & Visual alarm for temperature deviation.
* High-grade insulation on all sides of the equipment for uniform temperature maintenance.
* Capable of using : clamps or platform with Sticky mat.
* Non-Volatile memory with automatic power failure restart and door opening.
* Incremental / decrement speed control of 1RPM and Temperature control of 0.1°C.
Technical Specification :-
Universal Shaking Platform Capacity : capable of holding at least 36 Nos. of 100 ml asks
(or) 25Nos of 250 ml Fasks (or) 16 Nos of 500 ml
asks (or) 9 Nos of 1L Fasks (or) 6 nos of 2L Fasks (or)
4 nos of 5L asks (or) 2 nos of 6L asks.
Shaking frequency : 25-400 RPM
Universal Shaking Platform size : 18” X 18″
External dimension : (W x H X D) 805 x 870 x 755mm
Shaker temperature range : from 5°C to 80°C
Temperature accuracy : +/-0.1°C at 37°C at an ambient temperature <28°C.
MOC : MS powder coated steel exterior and stainless steel interior
Door : front open door with double glazed glazed glass window for
sample viewing without opening the door.
Accessories –
S.S Clamps to hold 2L Erlenmeyer Fask -3 place
S.S Clamps to hold 1L Erlenmeyer Fask — 4 place
S.S Clamps to hold 500ml Erlenmeyer Fask — 5 place
S.S Clamps to hold 250ml Erlenmeyer Fask — 10 place
Test Tube Rack 12x50m| Falcon tubes -36 place
Test Tube Rack 12x15ml Falcon tubes -48 place


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