Rotary Evaporator
  Specification for Rotary Evaporator
1 Heating Bath. Universal heating bath for ol & water with Temperature tange prafarably between 30°C to 200°C
2 Accuracy of temperature. : 1°C
3 Heating bath capacity: > 4 liters
4 Buppors: Heating bath preferably should have metal base support to avoid instability
5 Flask Size: The system should accommodate 50 rnl to 5000ml with single joint size.
6 RPM: Minimum should be < 10; maximum should be >280
7 Flask: System should be supplied with 1 L receiving flask
8 Lift Up/down : Hand Lift
9 Power Supply: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
10 Display and setting: Digital LCD display of set and actual bath temperature and rotation speed.
11 Locking facility: The system should have locking Tacility for sef temperature and ratetion speed to prevent accidental change in set conditions during process
12 Knobe: The systam shouki have separate knobs for hesting bath and rotation.
13 Condenser: The system should have Vertical condenser with surface are >1400cm2, It have marking for maximum condensaton level,
14 Safety: Display of residual heat for higher safety in Stand-by mode. to safeguard all electronic components and control al the parameters the panel should be detachable.
15 Power cable: Pratection Class IP 67 power cable to protect bath from short-circuits & corrosion.
16 Clamping sleeve: it is preferable to have clamping slseve in order to allow easy remaoval of vapour tube to avoid breakage
17 Joint and cap: Grease free ventilation cap (to avoid contanination) for maximum tightness and avoid stuck glass joints.
18 Protection: The system  have met the protection class standard IP 20
19 Temperature range: The system should function at ambient (betwaen 10 to 40°C)
20 CE Certified: The system should have CE Certified,
21 Warranty: 3 years warranty
  Specification for Vacuum Pump
1 Type : Two stage chemical resistance diaphragm pump,
2 Suction Capacity: >1.8 m3/hour and efficiently work with two Rotary Evaporstor
3 Final vacuum: 5+2 mbar for quicker drying of samples.
4 Tubing: High quality siiicone tubing Vacuum and water circulation,
5 Vacuum Centrotier: Automatic for vacuum regulaton
6 Regulation: Depending on the demang, ON/OFF reguiation faciity should be present. The system could ba combined with a condenser
7 Temperature range: The system should funchion at ambient {between 10 to 40°C
8 CE Certified
9 Warranty: >3 years


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